Activities Abroad

In addition to courses such as visual arts, yoga-mandala, physical education, drama, intelligence games, and swimming in our curriculum, there will be a SCIENCE WORKSHOP course in the new academic year. Our children will experience the processes of comprehending, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, and producing products with many experiments.

  • The Sustainable Environment course, which was included in the curriculum designed for the age-5 group students in the previous education period, will be covered within the scope of the Science Workshop course. In order to promote environmental and nature awareness at an earlier age, the mentioned course will be implemented starting from age 3 within the frame of the Science Workshop. Thus, our children will have the opportunity to grow plants, harvest the products, save the seeds of these plants for the next planting period.
  • In order to reinforce the creative thinking, observation, and questioning perspective, the science workshop and experiment laboratory to be established in our school will enable our children to explore and learn while having fun.
  • While the number of our science lessons will be increased, it will be ensured that each of our classes uses this well-equipped laboratory once a week and acquires knowledge by experiencing.
  • The crucial role of observation and investigation in practical learning will be emphasized in science courses and learning is supported with lab applications.